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They coordinated and provided a commercial surveying project for a commercial property and building we are considering purchasing. Excellent service all the way around.
James Hanson

Boundary Survey - We will verify recovered property corners and/or set any that are missing.  Boundary surveys are used for real estate closing for both residential and commercial properties.  They are also needed permitting, or if you are completing home improvements such as: adding a fence, shed, swimming pool, screen porch or an addition to your home.

Elevation Certificate - If your mortgage company is requesting that you add flood insurance for your property, you will need the FEMA Elevation Certificate completed by a surveyor.  We use the most up to date form which includes all of the required elevations and pictures.  We will send the completed form to your insuance company by fax or electronic file.

E-LOMA - Once we have completed the Elevation Certificate, if you are eligible to have your home removed from the special flood area we can submit the proper documentation for you.

Topographic Survey - Your engineer will need a topographic survey to complete the drainage plan for permitting if you are going to be making improvements to your property or vacant land.  This survey will show the elevations of the land and how the water flows across your property.

Normal High Water - If you live on a lake and want to complete improvements on your land, the municipility will require the normal high water be located before issuing a permit.
M.A.P. Land Surveying, Inc. 
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As-Built Surveys for accurate measurements of docks, sheds, and addtions to your home.